Inspired by B&B Italia Outdoor

B & amp; B Italia Outdoor is a B & amp; B Italia brand created in 2007 to discover outdoor furniture and introduce features of interior design outside. B & amp; B Italia Outdoor expresses B & amp; B Italia's vision of outdoor living, maintaining the same emphasis on design, comfort, quality and functionality that characterize the company's interior products. Made of high-quality, high-quality materials that combine functionality and aesthetics. Sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, chairs, tables, coffee tables, benches, accessories and accessories from B & amp; B Italia Outdoor are a showcase of international talents such as Antonio Citterio Patricia Urquiola, Barber & amp; Osgerby, Naoto Fukasawa, Piero Lissoni, Doshi Levien. B & amp; B Outdoor projects are accompanied by products from the B & amp; B Italia collection with updated finishes to create a complete range of outdoor furniture that can be adapted to a variety of contexts - from homes to public spaces, gardens and yacht decks.

B & amp; B Italia Outdoor, a complete proposal for outdoor living One of the first complete B & amp; B Italia Outdoor garden furniture designs was the Mirto collection designed by Antonio Citterio in 2010-2014. It is a series of elegantly designed outdoor furniture that is resistant and durable in terms of form and choice of materials. The sun loungers, dining tables, director's chair, chairs with and without armrests, and a range of outdoor accessories share the same lightweight aluminum construction. The collection comes to life in its context and does not impose itself as an icon, but reflects the character of its owners. Patricia Urquiola also contributed to the development of the B & amp; B outdoor collection. Butterfly is a system of modular outdoor sofas, which was later joined by the family of outdoor tables, whose corner at the junction of the armrest and backrest resembles the symmetry of butterfly wings. The Spanish designer has also created the exterior versions of the Fat and Canasta 13 seating collections, which include garden sofas, swivel sofas, high and low garden armchairs, in neutral shades and oversized shapes. In 2020, B & amp; B Italia Outdoor proposed three collections designed by three masters for equally many complementary outdoor lifestyles. The Antonio Citterio Hybrid consists of a seating system that combines rigor and comfort in a textile-focused design. Naoto Fukasawa has created Ayana chairs and tables that combine formal essence, natural wood, complex and invisible technology, and suggestions from the Far East and Northern Europe. Philippe Starck designed the outdoor sofa and armchair Oh, it's raining! with a precise balance of innovation, technology, high quality and comfort. In 2021, Piero Lissoni, the group's new art director, created Borea, a complete and eclectic collection of chairs and tables with tubular metal structures for a seamless and continuous design. The elements have no joints or gaps, introducing techniques normally used in the aerospace sector into the world of garden furniture.

B & amp; B Italia Outdoor materials and finishes Fabrics, materials and finishes are the basic components of the B&B Italia Outdoor collection that can boast a wide range of exterior finishes with hundreds of catalog references. Fabrics made of polypropylene yarn dyed in the mass are warm and natural to the eye, and at the same time remain waterproof and waterproof. At the same time, patterns, colors and surface effects are designed to mix and match with new or existing product families. Sustainability plays a fundamental role in the selection of materials and production techniques. The Borea collection not only uses recycled and recycled materials, but it is completely demountable, so that at the end of its life cycle, each item can be separated and disposed of in accordance with the most advanced principles of sustainability.

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