Inspired by B&B Rivestimenti Naturali

B&B is a dynamic and constantly developing distribution company that has been focusing on natural coverings for many years. We are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative solutions to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Expertise, professional integrity and organization are the features that over time allowed this company to create important business partnerships both in Italy and with

Recognizing the importance of restoring a new and better balance between architecture, construction and the natural world, Aware B&B offers a collection of cladding only made of the best natural materials. Nature and green construction have thus become two cornerstones of the production of a company that is committed to marketing and transforming products that are purely natural, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Masterpieces of nature and man . For indoor and outdoor use, these materials are inherently resilient and irresistibly beautiful. B&B covers are the "skin" of the home and are able to fill the surroundings with warmth, while maintaining their beauty for a long time. Walls, cladding and paving stones: any other surface is in natural harmony with its surroundings thanks to materials that are recognizable at first glance and appreciated over time.

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