Inspired by Barnini Oseo

Barnini Oseo was founded in Tuscany just after the Second World War following the economic boom that created prosperity and beauty, making it accessible to more and more people. Over the years, the carpentry workshop has become a large company that quickly became known in the furniture industry for the high quality of its products. The appreciation expressed by customers sanctioned the success of Barnini Oseo both in Italy and abroad. We can now safely say that the company is a tangible example of the evolution and export of Tuscan furniture around the world. Meticulous craftsmanship and an emphasis on quality, which has always been paramount, have earned the company a number of prestigious awards, such as "Europremio" in 1973, awarded in London, and the recent international recognition, represented by the Chilean Expoin 1997, in which the company took participation.

Of course, we must not fake our constant presence (over the last thirty years) at the Milan fair. Craftsmanship is the painstaking work of masters, and together with the high quality of materials, it determines the outstanding character of the Barnini Oseo collection. Growing on the crescendo of success and achieving more and more ambitious goals, the collections hit the global market, inspired by the new creative ideas of the founder's son, Roberto Barnint.

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