Inspired by Barrisol

Barrisol is a leader in the production of stretch ceilings. The first such ceiling was produced in 1969, and in 1975 the Barrisol brand was established. Today the company offers a wide range of stretch ceiling systems. Barrisol is synonymous with tradition, innovation and quality, which allows the brand to create a complete range of products for professionals and individuals. The company has been involved in high visibility projects around the world, such as the Colosseum museum in Rome; the recovery of the Mulhouse foundry; acoustic ceilings for the Baltimore airport; and the Federation Square structure in Melbourne, Australia. The company focuses on design and interiors where ceilings and walls are as central as furniture in determining the tone and atmosphere of a space. Barrisol uses the latest technology in its products, which allows the company to set new standards and position itself as a world leader.

Barrisol stretch ceilings: design and functionality For almost fifty years, Barrisol has been producing stretch ceiling systems fireproof PVC sheets that They extend under the influence of heat along the perimeter of the wall thanks to the patented fastening system. Barrisol stretch ceilings play both an aesthetic and functional role. Their innovative design can complement and equip any context, both residential and public. Barrisol solutions meet every need. The company also produces designer lighting, acoustic products and stretch walls. Barrisol design lighting guarantees a stable installation with high aesthetic value thanks to products such as Barrisol® Lovegrove, the perfect balance between organic form and technology available in four versions. The sheets and structures are so flexible that they create unique objects inspired by nature that both illuminate and provide increased acoustic comfort. The Castiglioni Barrisol® lamp dates back to the 1950s; was inspired by the 10th Triennial in Milan in 1954. The huge textile bell-shaped lighting elements created for this event inspired the Barrisol® design, a tribute to the Castiglioni brothers. The lamp can diffuse light without visible shadows thanks to the technical features of the unique metal ring and the high-quality white Barrisol® Venus membrane. Thanks to the integration of new generation LEDs, this luminaire provides excellent light transmission and excellent color rendering.

Barrisol products for acoustic and textile walls Barrisol® Microsorber is a system of light and discreet modular partitions that provide practical separation of work areas without affecting the overall brightness of the office space; improve acoustic comfort thanks to microperforation. Barrisol® Acoustics is a nano-hole acoustic ceiling that can transform acoustic energy into heat energy, reducing the intensity of the reflection of the sound wave in a room. This line is ideal for public spaces such as cinemas, theaters, amphitheatres, airports, places of worship, boutiques, shopping malls, restaurants and bars, conference rooms and halls. Barrisol® Acoustics Light is a revolution that combines suspended ceilings with acoustic ceilings in one product. It is the most suitable solution for acoustics correction while providing clarity, aesthetics and perfect design.
Barrisol stretch walls can be used in living rooms and public spaces. High resolution Barrisol prints have an A + guarantee against volatile pollutants. In addition, they meet European and international standards with an increased level of comfort and safety. Barrisol® Et Le Musée Hansi is a stretchy PVC wall with artwork belonging to an art collection such as the prolific French artist Jean-Jacques Waltz, who recreated idyllic Alsatian landscapes from the past. Barrisol® Keishu Kawai is a stretched graphic wall system created by artist Keishu Kawai, whose design gives the Japanese calligraphy tradition a touch of modernity.

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