Inspired by Bencore

Bencore specializes in the production and sale of the latest generation of thermal resin sheets, the honeycomb structure of which makes them light, stiff and transparent. Bencore was founded in 1999 in the Massa Carrara area of Tuscany with a new technology to produce lightweight, high performance, aesthetic composite thermal resin panels. Bencore panels can be used for partition walls, mobile and sliding doors and windows, and furniture such as conference tables. The core values of Bencore are personalization, technological research and high-level aesthetics. The FOS mobile wall, transparent and light, made of aluminum profiles, can be used for partition walls, very close to the traditional wall, but much easier to do without costly masonry work and easy to remove if necessary. Ideal for both home and office use, the FOS line includes several solutions, including wardrobes that are increasingly appreciated for their aesthetic potential, and translucent finishes such as the Starlight ™ panel. These new features marked a turning point in interior design that continued with other products such as Ecoben ™ made from recycled material and Lightben Acoustic ™ to improve acoustics.

There are several good reasons for this. to choose Bencore panels over glass panels. Unlike other panels, they can be easily cut and processed, reducing labor and costs. Models without profiles can be edited directly on site and installed quickly. This type of panel is great for trade fair booths, pop-up displays and commercial space partitioning.

Due to their versatility, Bencore panels are suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as they can be cut to size. dimension to make room for pipes and ducts. Due to their workability, Bencore panels can be produced in a very short time without the need to make precise measurements many months in advance. This is an obvious advantage as it leaves more room for last minute changes.

Another advantage of Bencore panels is their low weight of 8 to 10 kilograms per square meter. This means that they can be transported and installed by only one person

are strong and rigid at the same time and do not bend easily

Bencore: state-of-the-art solutions for home and office Bencore panels are durable, they are recyclable and reusable and offer significant acoustic and thermal insulation benefits.

are fireproof and durable. UPSET panels are slanted and sewn free-standing walls. Two steel legs, polished to a high gloss or available in the RAL color palette, support the panel by means of a spring system. When combined with models such as the Lightben Acoustic, the UPSET panel can separate offices, open spaces and living areas. Glistro is an elegant light filtering acrylic sliding door with a smooth finish. Metal parts are almost imperceptible, although it is possible to order the product with chrome rivets. Hexaben is an ultra-light honeycomb acrylic sheet, available in many colors and finishes. Its very modern look with an exposed honeycomb structure is reminiscent of aerospace panels. Easy to cut and assemble with profiles, frames, handles and hinges, Hexaben finds a variety of applications in interior and architectural design.

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