Inspired by Bene

Bene is an Austrian group that produces and sells furniture for offices and work environments that are extremely efficient and far from standard solutions. With 80 locations in 37 countries and listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange, the group is a leader in its sector thanks to the quality of its products and original solutions. Among its "strengths" are soundproofed office cabins and multimedia tables to ensure privacy while working even in the open space. Or sofas, armchairs and conference tables, always characterized by high performance and an almost futuristic design. It represents the top well, even in terms of personalization, special measures, color and material preferences. And the great versatility makes this brand appreciated by both professionals and private individuals.
For the more traditional needs of space separation, Bene also produces partitions and mobile glass walls, useful for dividing certain rooms even temporarily without blocking the passage of light, thus always giving the idea of ​​a dynamic, functional and open office.

Bene Office Furniture Guidelines Brand Bene has released a real guide to follow that explains why each room in one office is different and must be designed and furnished as such: the style of the reception desk cannot be a meeting room nor the office of the President, because each room has its own specific purpose. Interaction, concentration and privacy are requirements that manifest themselves in different ways, depending not only on the work of the working person, but also on different moments of the day. Each room in the office must be constructed in such a way that it can perform different functions on the same day: large spaces for meetings, but also small and intimate spaces for independent thinking or places that simply lead to sharing what was discussed at a recent meeting, such as a kitchen or cafe.

Flexibility, without neglecting the inherent features that make any environment different: the reception area will be friendly and spacious, open to the public, but at the same time with a filter function from the rest of the office; instead, the manager's office will be close to his employees but with the primary function of creating adequate privacy and comfort. In operational offices, everyone must be able to work independently and stay in aggregation areas to discuss or discuss their progress, having a multimedia sharing table or other technological devices to facilitate the work.

Bene furniture is also suitable for contexts other than the office: sofas and armchairs are ideal for contract rooms and public spaces, as are tables and chairs, suitable for conference rooms and auditoriums.

The ultimate Bene solution for your office If a desk is a must, it's just as important to be able to customize it. The Studio Swing desk fully reflects this kind of concept: it can be fully modulated to become a conference table. The design makes this table really interesting, with the space between the double layer, the curved shape of the legs and the subdued and elegant color. Privacy at work is very important, and thanks to Bene solutions, even those who work outdoors will always be able to have their own dedicated area or small areas that they can share with their colleagues . For example, choose Nooxs, a free-standing soundproof partition that can be installed anywhere and is easy to move, or connect the Nooxs Think Tank, a real office island, large enough to accommodate small conference rooms and equipped with integrated lighting.

Cube_S is instead a truly innovative workstation as it is able to provide privacy even in not very spacious environments. These modules can be assembled in various configurations, depending on the needs, very comfortable and elegant in appearance. Their design allows for double functionality: on the one hand, a guarantee of privacy, on the other, openings and low profiles that allow you to communicate with colleagues, because depending on the height adjustment of the cabinets, you can decide whether to stay alone or in the company! All Bene products are available in a variety of materials and colors for complete personalization.

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