Inspired by Betonrossi

Betonrossi spa, a leading Italian company in the production of ready-mixed concrete, is a large industrial enterprise that works with Cementirossi, the parent company of the group of the same name and a leader in cement production, providing both a strong and synergy for the company.

Industrial and production partnership, which with an annual production of approximately one million three hundred cubic meters of concrete, 50 concrete plants and more than 220 vehicles, from concrete mixers to ... concrete pumps.

Remarkable wealth of resources t human and production, exceptional capital of people, resources and technology in the service of jobs and quality.

All because in such a fragmented and complex sector, Betonrossi focuses on quality and implements a precise strategy that has made it is a technological benchmark for the sector.

Concrete horses: an incredible wealth of ideas, people and resources!

Betonrossi: a production model at the forefront of the industry

Success as always is the result of the constant evolution of ideas until they reach a form where factors such as intuition, experience, research and technique converge and become one.

And at Betonrossi, success is the result of innovative strategic choices that will soon become become a model and benchmark for the entire sector.

Innovation and technology at the forefront of the industry: these are key aspects of our corporate mission. A precise strategy, supported by significant investments in research and development, the true strategic heart of the group, the center of activity focused on the continuous evolution of the product and the use of the most innovative and effective technologies.

R&D department equipped with the most modern equipment, in which a unique team of highly qualified technicians and specialists working in constant cooperation with the client, interpreting his needs and then translating them into highly qualified products and services.

New production models and ready-made new solutions - mixed concrete born out of strategic, logistic, technological, technical and operational choices made according to extremely competitive parameters.

Betonrossi: quality that borders on excellence!

Quality solutions for the construction site

What distinguishes Betonrossi is technology. In such a fragmented and complex sector, often focused on quantity, Betonrossi focused on quality and applied a precise strategy that soon made it the technological benchmark for the sector.

The choice and philosophy that, on the one hand, led to continuous improvement of production technology and, on the other hand, for the production and sale of the highest quality concretes.

When it comes to production, suffice it to say that all Betonrossi plants are equipped with premixers and automated control systems.

It should not be forgotten that in order to guarantee the highest quality of delivered aggregates, the company has equipped all its plants with a specially designed control system that is able to automatically recognize the vehicle and the type of material transported, weigh and weigh materials, manage deliveries and carry out the necessary tests and inspections : everything to optimize the production cycle.

Concrete rossi: technology The common benchmark in the industry!

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