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Billiani has specialized in the production of wooden chairs for over a century. Founded in 1911 and headquartered in Manzano, Friuli Venezia Giulia, the company produces seating for the residential and contract market, combining tradition with an innovative spirit, fueled by partnerships with leading Italian and international designers. The production of Billiani takes place in the 'Chair Triangle' production area in the heart of Friuli

and is entrusted to small, highly specialized timber companies that cultivate a deeply rooted regional culture. With Cristina Celestino's new artistic direction in 2019, the brand's style has become more refined while remaining true to the wood as Billiani's mainstay, respecting the history, tradition and artistry of the brand leader for over a century. Together with La Cividina, Billiani is a partner of the Italian network of Flair & Synergy For Contract companies present on international markets to offer consumers the widest range of products with guaranteed quality thanks to the production and design Made in Italy thought out down to the last detail. .

Billiani Collections for Residential and Contract Use The Billiani catalog contains numerous solutions for offices, public buildings, hotels and bars. Chairs, the basic activity of the brand, equip waiting rooms and meeting places with taste and sobriety. Fitt Classic is a collection of timeless wooden chairs with a universal and functional design that is both essential and comfortable. The collection, designed by Victor Carrasco, was later expanded to include the Fitt Hug series, with a distinctive ash shell and a slimmer and more streamlined design. New to Billiani are the Collezione Frisée and Corolla chairs, both designed by Cristina Celestino. Frisée combines an ironic and slightly frivolous design with the solidity of wood, and Corolla, characterized by soft, rounded shapes, suggests the world of fashion. In addition to chairs for the day zone, the brand offers a wide range of sofas, armchairs, reclining armchairs, pouffes and bar stools. In addition to seating, Billiani offers tables, coffee tables and benches for indoor and outdoor use. Luigi Billiani founded a company in Manzano, Friuli, on the border with the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. What started out as a small woodworking workshop grew during World War II into a fully-fledged production plant of national renown. With the second generation and the economic boom of the post-war period, management passed into the hands of Luigi's sons: Ottone, Orlando, Lino and Bruno

, the company entered the market with the production of well- made wooden chairs made of excellent materials. The influence of the third generation came in the 1980s, when Luigi Billiani, grandson of the founder, managed to give the brand an international profile, especially in the contract sector. In 1997, Billiani's final success fell to Veronik Romanutti, who established important collaborations with designers such as Marco Ferreri and Emilio Nanni. Billiani's collaboration with the most influential brands in the field of design continued in the following years as the brand embraced the ideas of world-renowned designers such as Werther Toffoloni, Harri Koskinen and Michael Geldmacher. Billiani's steady growth has been confirmed by participation in some of the world's most prestigious design events, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan and exhibitions of her designs in important museums, from MoMA in New York to the Triennial in Milan.

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