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Blå Station is a family business founded in 1986 by Börge Lindau, a Swedish designer who wanted to produce furniture that he believed deserved a place on the market. Blå Station furniture is designed for contract and outdoor use in domestic applications. Located in a former tailor's workshop in the small coastal town of Åhus, the company immediately became an unusual workshop, a "station" with a relaxed and fun atmosphere, conducive to innovative ideas and proposals. This winning formula has placed Blå Station in the international spotlight with numerous awards, prizes and commissions for important public facilities around the world. All Blå Station products are manufactured in Sweden using Scandinavian raw materials in accordance with the criteria of sustainable production. Each product is born of an inexhaustible curiosity for originality and a desire to offer something unexpected, not only in terms of form, but also in terms of function, materials and production process. The starting point for the brand is always the analysis of the space in which the object is located in order to best recognize the needs of the audience in a constantly changing world.

BOB Blå Station seating systems - flexibility and innovation In 2017, Blå Station presented BOB collection, seat system designed by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius. The prototype of the collection, the BOB sofa, consists of seven 26-cm modules combined into straight, curved, mirrored, wavy or round compositions that suit any type of space. Ease of installation and flexibility combined with a rigorous and necessary design made this product a huge success; has won many international awards and is used to furnish public spaces and offices around the world. The Bob consists of independent modules for each element, from the seat to the backrest to the armrests; they can be freely assembled to create sofas, benches or pouffes. Over time, the collection has expanded with various elements and new versions, making BOB an increasingly complete and versatile system. BOB Betong started in 2018. It is an outdoor version of BOB in concrete, suitable for public spaces and street furniture. The following year, the company unveiled the BOB Home, modifying the seat dimensions and adding softer padding and a thinner armrest than the original. Among the many accessories is BOB Light, a dimmable LED lamp that is mounted on the backrest and fits perfectly to the curved shape of the sofa, illuminating the seating area with an intimate and focused light.
Designed for internet connections, CUT coffee table BOB steel table or painted aluminum fits between two modules, providing a comfortable surface for electronic devices. The natural evolution of BOB towards universal use has led to the creation of BOB JOB, an island dedicated to offices or conference rooms and waiting rooms that can be freely assembled. An ideal solution for informal and creative workplaces, BOB sofa modules are complemented by elements such as charging sockets and include storage furniture, shelves, oak-colored decorative elements and partitions with shelves. The latest addition to the BOB family is BOBBY, a slimmer version of its big brother, suitable for smaller spaces.

Blå Station chairs and tables. Iconic products and novelties In addition to the award-winning BOB system, the Blå Station catalog offers other iconic products such as Lucky Lounge, an armchair designed by 2019 German Design Award winner Luka Stepan. The original design is brought closer by using traditional materials such as bent oak plywood, upholstered backrest and seat made of leather or fabric. The sturdy yet flexible Lucky Lounge has large shapes and a spacious, comfortable seat. The Pinzo collection, featuring a chair and coffee table, is the brainchild of David Ericsson; won the MIAW - Design & amp; award Innovation Award 2019, organized by the MUUZ magazine. Made from just 6 pieces of solid pine, Pinzo is a simple and solid chair with a rugged look, inspired by the Italian master Enzo Mari. It is available in natural or stained yellow, white, burgundy and black.
Among the novelties, the Park + bench for relaxation areas designed by the Italian trio CMP makes the classic garden bench suitable for interiors thanks to its padded backrest and seat. Park + is available as an armchair and a two- or three-seater sofa; elements can be joined using the joining table. The Combo painted aluminum garden table collection, designed by the winning duo Bernstrand & amp; Borselius, consists of three parts - a high table, a high bar stool and a combination of the two. Åhus is a complete seating collection designed by the Argentinian team of Sebastien Alberdi and Gustavo Maggio. It includes an armchair, a 3-seater sofa and the latest addition, a chair with armrests. The slender, curved steel frame is characterized by soft lines, accentuated by the slight slope of the rear legs.
Carpenter and artist Fredrik Paulsen is the creator of the Röhsska chair, named after the design museum where the chair was exhibited in 2019 as part of the Unmaking Democratic Design. The solid beech frame is complemented by a seat and backrest made of Swedish pine plywood dyed in vivid colors. A bar stool has recently joined the chair. The Wilmer by Stefan Borselius is a fabric or leather armchair with soft, enveloping lines and compact dimensions. It is available in different versions: with a 4-leg or trestle base, fixed or swivel, with a built-in side table, or in the original asymmetrical version with armrests of different heights.

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