Inspired by Blackcork

Blackcork is a Portuguese contemporary furniture brand. The essence of the brand is based on the transformation of the material: black cork. Sofalca, a company from Portugal, which has been producing foamed black cork agglomerate since 1966, for thermal and acoustic insulation in construction and decoration in architecture, is currently the project editor. Designer and Artistic Director Toni Grilo has invited a talented new generation of Portuguese designers to develop the first 2014 collection.

Sustainable black cork design Only cork is made from a pellet branch (falca). These are autoclave block clusters, which are a 100% natural process, without the use of additives. The technology developed by Sofalca consists in injecting water vapor through the granules, which expands and combines with the resins of the cork itself.
This "cooking" also gives a dark color to the agglomerated cork, like chocolate. Biomass is used to produce steam, obtained by grinding and cleaning the fold, which makes it a truly ecological and waste-free production, 95% energy self-sufficient.
This super material, cork, has so many advantages because in addition to being an excellent thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, the CO2 absorber plays a key role in the environment.

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