Inspired by Bliss

BLISS is a new brand created by people who have been in the textile industry for a very long time. The company inherited the technical expertise and resources of Citela - a manufacturer of outdoor fabrics founded in Barcelona in 1875 - and added a particular sensitivity and aesthetic perspective. BLISS's mission is to create utility fabrics and interior furnishings that are created by and for the senses of life. BLISS wants to inspire and inspire itself by sharing its great interest in design, technology, colors and shapes with customers and partners. BLISS is based on passion, new ideas, effort and constant desire to improve.

Creative process:

The creative process is closely related to the creative journey of designers, employees, product managers or architects who rely on fabrics to embody their own high-design products (furniture, umbrellas, cushions, curtains…). The company wants to connect with them on an emotional and professional level in order to facilitate and facilitate their task, and is especially happy to have the opportunity to design and collaborate hand in hand on unique collections.

Not forgetting about on the technical side of utility fabrics, BLISS invests in research and development to find a way to guarantee the quality and safety of its collection.

BLISS's approach to sustainability is that there is no better way to protect the environment than by consuming loess . To this end, BLISS creates durable products that really stand out from the crowd.

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