Inspired by BMT

BMT, an organization that constantly focuses on high quality standards, the selection of the best raw materials and constant innovation throughout the entire production process, operates from an approximately 10,000 m2 facility where all stages of production take place to guarantee product quality. The added value of BMT mainly lies in the success in achieving the results of industrial production while guaranteeing the craftsmanship of attention to every little detail, typical of Italian production, which is synonymous with creativity and tradition: in other words, true Italian excellence expressed in the unique design of bathroom furniture, technology and comfort.


DESIGN For BMT, product development means turning ideas and designs into reality. In the constant search for the perfect combination of form and function, design is the ability to respond to fleeting inspiration, interpret it and translate it into a final product of undeniable elegance and high utility values, in order to constantly create new solutions that meet the changing needs of humanity.

CHOICE Satisfying the needs and tastes of the customer is the basis, and so BMT is able to satisfy all your desires, creating bathroom furniture with an individual design: the high modularity of the products is one of the strengths of BMT. In addition, a wide and varied choice of surfaces is the basis of modular bathroom systems that can be attractively integrated into a variety of architectural contexts. Thanks to the invaluable experience and know-how, BMT is constantly working on the development of high-quality products for bathroom furniture. Striving to constantly raise quality standards during production means working with a wide range of materials, even very different ones, making the best use of their properties, selecting the best finishes and using only high-quality components.

CUSTOMIZED High degree of modularity of the collection and many customization options in terms of materials, surfaces and colors, it allows you to develop an idea for a bathroom completely tailored to the customer, both in terms of size and shape. This individual approach to bathroom design allows BMT to guarantee a product designed and built around customer needs with obsessive perfectionism.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: THE HEART OF ITALIAN EXCELLENCE The use of state-of-the-art technologies in the factory allows BMT to always operate with a strong focus on guaranteeing customers with high standards of comfort and quality. The entire production cycle takes place in Italy under the supervision of qualified employees who are passionate about their work units. A wide range of high-quality products and a style that successfully combines aesthetics and practicality make BMT Contract the right answer to important projects where reliable, precise handling is a basic and essential requirement.

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