Inspired by Bõln

Bõln is a Spanish brand founded in November 2020 in Cabañas de Ebro. Specializing in versatile polyurethane furniture, Poliuretanos Rivas, inventor of Bõln's product technology, Flexyskin, joins the company. These proposals have been specially designed to easily adapt to a variety of environments and styles - neutral, colorful, solid or changing - depending on the location, needs and creative nature of the project.

Stone Designs Studio, based in Madrid creates the first two Bõln collections: the Sarek modular system and Abisko bar stools. Both collections, resulting from the studio's experience in interior and common space design, offer highly functional environments with an original style and the ability to withstand even the most demanding types of space, both internal and external, from common areas of hotels, shopping centers or housing estates. to offices, coworking spaces, airports, sports facilities, shops, waiting rooms, bars and restaurants. The accessories included with each collection allow the user to design in the most flexible way

additionally, customers can customize the color tone of the product surfaces.

Flexyskin: the technology behind Bõln products Flexyskin is a new technology developed by Poliuretanos Rivas, which improves the properties of the polyurethane foam used in the design of Bõln

furniture, although solid and compact, they provide a soft and pleasant feeling to the touch. In addition, their colorful appearance makes them perfect for many and diverse environments.

The Flexyskin technology allows for the production of elastic, durable, non-deformable, fireproof, waterproof polyurethane foam from green waste, easy to clean by volume, and thus efficient in common indoor and outdoor spaces.

The surfaces of Bõln products are also certified anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Characteristics of Bõln products Eco-sustainable development. The raw material of the polyurethane foam used in the Flexyskin technique comes from green waste.

non-deformability. Despite the typical intensive use of common areas, the surfaces do not change or deform.

softness Despite the solid appearance, the surfaces are soft and pleasant to the touch, which allows comfortable lying down.

No seams . Compact block made of Flexyskin for a smooth and organic design.

Resistance. Flexyskin technology increases the resistance of Bõln designs compared to other similar products, making them strong and durable.

resistance to bacteria. The surfaces have antifungal and antibacterial properties certified in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).

fireproof. Bõln products are non-flammable and non-flammable which is crucial for common spaces.

waterproof. Water does not penetrate the surfaces, which makes Bõln products also ideal for outdoor use.

Safety. The entire production process is certified in terms of safety standards and the origin of raw materials.

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