Inspired by Borzalino

BORZALINO was founded in 1976 according to the great craftsmanship tradition, which for centuries made Tuscan craftsmanship in the production of furniture and accessories famous. This enormous know-how and the enormous wealth of knowledge and experience of the founder, Galeazzo Fedi, are today managed by daughter Cristiana and nephew Matteo, second and third generation, respectively.

Values of tradition, attention to construction details, high the standard of quality in all phases of execution, a passion for a job well done, are the basis for the excellence of an authentic Made in Italy product like ours. While glorious, we've never liked stopping in the past: BORZALINO tells the story of a company that has been able to innovate in every aspect, from construction technology, design research, care for raw materials, marketing techniques and communication, offline and online. The range of products grew from year to year with the launch: from the very production of sofas and designer armchairs, the range of furniture accessories was gradually expanded to provide the customer with a holistic concept of the living room and dining room. The selection includes dining tables, chairs, shelves, coffee table, table and consoles, benches and desks. Up to accessories such as mirrors and trays. Everything combines prestigious finishes and materials. Thus creating a unique atmosphere, an elegant home, warm and welcoming. The essence of the mood BORZALINO is loved all over the world.

BORZALINO is a family company, a studio that guarantees its customers tailor-made creations, characterized by unique style, as well as the highest requirements of elegance and comfort, drawn and manufactured. < br /> We have always believed that the stronger our past is, the further we can look into the future. The more determined the identity and personality of our products, the more they can exist and constitute an element of distinction in the most prestigious and exclusive residences in the world.

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