Inspired by Bossini

Bossini is an Italian brand of faucets whose shower columns, faucets and shower heads are characterized by careful design and tireless technological innovation. Bossini products are recognized and appreciated all over the world for their quality, materials and excellent workmanship. With 50 years of experience, Bossini also supplies the contract market, hotels and wellness centers, promoting the Made in Italy values of faucets and fittings. The brand stays true to the idea of not seeing the bathroom as a secondary space in the home, but as a place of well-being and relaxation in all its possible forms. Basin mixers are added to the leading collections of shower columns and sliding bars. One of the brand's latest products is the Frame hand shower, a symbol of the company's philosophy. Its minimalist lines conceal a high-tech design with LED lights and a durable stainless steel core. The Syncronia series heads and overhead showers made of stainless steel, thanks to their various shapes and intelligent mechanisms, allow you to choose different types of brass spray. Oki Floor, a floor-standing shower column with integrated overhead shower, belongs to the same collection. The stainless steel construction is durable but not too heavy. Various settings and the innovative "Easy-Clean" self-cleaning nozzle demonstrate Bossini's commitment to continuous technological research. The minimalist design becomes a real expression in the Manhattan collection of square-shaped overhead showers and in the Liberty collection with a softer design. Both are suitable for home and hotel use. Extremely original are the brand's outdoor products, such as the Aquabambù shower, whose AISI 316 stainless steel construction incorporates two faucets in a polished and brushed steel finish, which were an immediate success. While most of the production was done by hand, the company modernized it with innovative and more efficient methods. The company quickly entered international markets until it achieved a leading position. Today Bossini employs over 160 employees in over 60 countries. The brand's success lies in its constant pursuit of high-quality and safe Made in Italy products. Italian creativity is evident in the company's various designs, from faucets to showers. For Bossini, creativity is never an end in itself, but is best expressed when supported by innovative technologies that can truly improve people's lives. Bossini products are based on the simple observation that the bathroom must be seen as the central space in the home, the perfect place to take care of yourself and bring to life a new concept of well-being at home. With showers and accessories, the brand seeks to give the bathroom a more modern and concrete role in everyday life through technology and research. The brand is committed to the most sustainable production possible, without waste and in full compliance with applicable regulations. The Fit-Air system for showers and faucets is an excellent example of the company's commitment to environmental protection. Fit-Air uses technology that mixes water with air for a more voluminous jet while wasting less water. Bossini guarantees the highest safety standards and uses only the highest quality materials such as steel and brass to ensure long lasting performance without compromise.

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