Inspired by Bovema Italia

Bovema has been operating in the ventilation, lighting and fire protection industries throughout Europe for over twenty years. The high level of competence gained thanks to experience makes the company a reference in consulting, designing and construction of facilities that guarantee high standards of quality and completeness of the products and services offered.

Innovations and technical research are strengths that make Bovema is a unique and specialized partner, thanks to the ability to offer custom solutions in accordance with ISO 9001.

is always characterized by the Bovema style: prevention, safety, energy saving. Especially the latter - in a market that is paying more and more attention to the issues of sustainable development and saving energy resources - has led to the creation of the "Green Bovema" department. Its aim is to research innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption and improve microclimatic conditions in the workplace.

Bovema provides its customers with great care and accompanies them in all project development processes: from design to production, from installation to maintenance. Efficient customer service ensures quick response and support in all systems of the company. For all these reasons, so many small, medium and large companies have chosen Bovem, a leader in their field.

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