Inspired by Bozzetti

Bozzetti offers a constantly growing and expanding collection of furniture with various functions. The scope of production is limited only by creativity. Some of Bozzetti's designs allow for greater freedom of use due to additional functionalities and the possibility of personalization. Others, both in form and function, are just for fun. All Bozzetti designs are copyrighted and registered with the EUIPO.

Bozzetto means sketch… The sketch is the first physical trace of our ideas. The original Bozzetti brand combines many years of experience in interior design and a multi-generational tradition of carpentry craftsmanship. Bozzetti proposes original, extraordinary solutions to create forward-looking forms that, in their opinion, will resist fleeting trends. The furniture is entirely manufactured in Poland. The products are durable and comfortable. This is achieved by careful selection of materials and with high quality as a top priority. Bozzetti Team believes that a piece of furniture is well designed when the user does not question it.

About Bozzetti More than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom furniture make Bozzetti better than anyone else. understands, cares and delivers the best and most timeless design and the highest quality of workmanship. Bozzetti products are appreciated not only by customers, but also interior decorators and stylists cooperating with our brand. The Bozzetti brand brand is also a laureate of prestigious competitions and awards.
The aim of the brand is to build awareness of Polish design in the world and to promote the Polish carpentry tradition.
Bozzetti can also individually design a piece of furniture or a collection for a given topic or develop a separate color scheme for products from the permanent brand collection for specific retail chains.

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