Inspired by Buxkin

Buxkin is a Dutch company that develops textile covers made of durable materials. The company was founded in 2015 with the aim of creating a range of products that, as a design object, create a warm, pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

Buxkin comes from a deep-seated and shared passion for textiles, achieved through the professional experience of its founders in the Swiss company Ruckstuhl. The founders therefore combined their passion with the ideas of sustainable development, working with natural and recycled materials, focusing mainly on stripes and rib structures that have a positive impact on acoustics. Since Buxkin started his rib collection, rib structures seem to be more present than ever in architectural materials. Thanks to the eco-friendly ingredients of Buxkin Ribbed Material, combined with the 3D acoustic benefits and an infinite number of future material applications and rib varieties, Buxkin Ribbed material is future-proof. Ribbed was awarded by in 2016.

Buxkins Materials: Recycled Leather and Recycled Wool Felt The decision to start with recycled leather came straight from the heart. The owners fell in love with the fascinating, unique structure of recycled leather. To be able to fully enjoy the skin, all human senses are needed

from seeing, to feeling, to smelling. The material is a real substitute for genuine leather. Thanks to the width and roll delivery, endless use is possible.

Another highly valued bio-based material is sheep wool felt and a recycled wool felt version. For years, it has been used in rooms for the production of partition walls and carpets. Thanks to this, the product performs well in authentic environments. Combined with unique recycled leather, soft wool and thick striped recycled leather, they create an exciting combination. A contemporary use of authentic craftsmanship. Handcrafted in local workshops. Perfect for use on the ground. But also as a wall covering.

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