Inspired by Rozzoni

It was 1959 when an enthusiastic and enterprising young Cesarino Rozzoni founded a company bearing his name "Technika", and the sensitivity acquired in professional industry studies first attracted the attention of the domestic market and then the international market for its quality and flexibility. production.

It is from those years (and has never stopped) participating in the first fair in Milan (today "Salone Internazionale del Mobile") of prestigious showpieces for the markets of this sector.

To this day, the patron, together with his Sons, manages a factory equipped with the most modern production technologies that have evolved over the course of its long history, to place next to the most traditional collections (baroque, neoclassical, empire, art deco) a luxurious contemporary and eclectic collection, drawing on peculiarities and know-how -how companies (all made in Italy) from Craftsmanship, personalization, exclusivity, searching for the best materials (leather, precious stones, marble, metals, glass, plaster, varnish, gold flake) can strike with splendor, professionalism and almost "tailoring" and present the clientele, including the most demanding ones, not only with their products, which are becoming more and more attractive, but also responding to the various needs of architects t people and designers who find the perfect partner in Rozzoni

In all departments making up Rozzoni Mobili you will find all the "characters" necessary to meet your design needs

from the project manager to the carpentry and carpentry department , inlays, varnishes, decorations, selection of materials and selected and exclusive fabrics

to the endless archive of drawings that have produced hundreds of furniture and prototypes over more than half a century of existence.

Long and prestigious is the curriculum vitae of works and materials produced in Italy and abroad, in particular in France (boules and art deco furniture), in the countries of the Middle East, where complete furnishing of luxury villas, palaces and yachts has been realized, as well as in Eastern European countries to recent satisfactory contacts with the Far East countries, in particular with China, where the philosophy of contemporary lines (presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan) for details, a bold choice of materials and always appreciated in combination with design, echoes of the great Italian tradition, with a free and contemporary interpretation.

All this makes Rozzoni Mobili d'Arte a dynamic and resilient company in high-quality furniture industry with the "Hand Made in Italy" certificate.

Our strengths are reliability, professionalism and respect for the needs and desires of our customers. The realization of the unspoken wishes and dreams of our customers is an ambitious goal when a company faces a delivery or project

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