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Caimi was founded in 1949 and has quickly become one of the most important design-oriented furniture and component manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to products for home, office and contract use, the company distinguished itself by the selection of materials, formal quality and constant attention to technological innovation. The numerous patents obtained by the company over the years emphasize the heterogeneity and versatility of CAIMI products. Internationally disseminated, CAIMI works with the most famous Italian and international designers and architects, as well as with emerging young creators.

Caimi: From accessories to office and contract furniture, Caimi initially focused on the add-ons and accessories market, designing and manufacturing hundreds of items to meet the most diverse needs; many of them quickly became true icons. Over time, the company followed its natural instincts and expanded production to the furniture sector itself, adding a series of modular shelving systems for home, office and commercial use, as well as seating systems for office waiting rooms and public spaces such as airport clamps. The core Kaleidos line is part of the Caimi Contract Seat Sector. Its shell is made of a single piece of recyclable technopolymer, which gives it a three-dimensional, sculptural effect; the texture of the material is also pleasant to the touch. The collection is complemented by a small table with an aluminum edge painted with epoxy powders.
Pitagora is a system of shell seats supported on a perforated steel beam; the design is slim and light, yet strong thanks to the patented three-layer edge system for increased comfort. Caimi continues to expand its additions and accessories department, paying attention to the possibilities offered by new information technologies, but always with comfort in mind to create friendly and welcoming spaces. Among the many design solutions of Caimi is the series of partition walls from the Safe Design line. Arianna is a modular system of flexible, well-designed and detailed compartments. Living and office spaces can be separated by utility and functional elements that are pleasing to the eye and easy to decontaminate; they also help to keep distance.
Sepa rolls of Snowsound Fiber 1 are sound-absorbing panels that act as baffles. Chrome-plated steel construction with a base on wheels for agile movement. Sound-absorbing spacers help to distance yourself in society and reduce reverberation thanks to Snowsound, Caimi's high-performance patent that can absorb sound in a variety of ways. The company offers a wide range of suspended and wall-mounted acoustic panels - all objects with a unique and stylish design. The Botanica collection consists of leaf-shaped sound-absorbing panels in various colors that can be mounted on the wall, ceiling with chrome brackets or supported on a horizontal modular frame. The flap chain consists of horizontal or vertical chromed metal bars connected by a locking mechanism that provides 360 ° rotation. The combination of vertical and horizontal bars allows users to create various suspended configurations. V-Flap presents sound-absorbing design elements with a strong visual impact. Thin metal cables hang the chrome frame and two sound-absorbing panels, available in different colors; sloped panels resemble two wings floating in space.

Caimi furniture systems for home, contract and office Caimi furniture systems include shelving for home and office, aluminum furniture for commercial spaces, single and double side display cabinets, hanging and wall-mounted modular shelves, TV cabinets and stands, as well as tables and chairs. Socrate Bibliotech is a modular system of metal shelving available in self-supporting or wall-mounted versions, characterized by extreme flexibility to meet the most sophisticated stylistic and spatial needs. Its national version, Socrate Home, is also characterized by the use of modules that can be adapted to different spaces and contexts. The Big bookcase for office use is designed as an architectural element of extruded aluminum; its well-defined forms allow it to fit perfectly into a modern, historical, hi-tech or classic context. Pegaso Infinito is a modular table with a simple glass top and a tortuous polished aluminum structure that can be repeated indefinitely thanks to a symmetrical leg that can be added many times. The Pegaso collection also includes rectangular or round concrete tables; steel and glass tables, rectangular, round or oval; and rectangular metal tables.

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