Inspired by Calma

Calma is an independent brand of garden furniture founded in 2009. Where we come from, calma (which means 'peace' in Spanish and Catalan) is a way of life. We believe in responsible design, producing timeless items that are meant to be peaceful.

We live peacefully outdoors. Sun, sea, rocky coast and tramuntana north winds. Empordà surrounds us. Inspired by the natural beauty, local craftsmanship and the character of its inhabitants. The items we manufacture reflect the love for our land.

We entrust the production of our products to local producers. Craftsmen who understand creation and tradition more than anyone else. Craft masters who leave their mark on each of our products and consolidate their knowledge.

Trends are stressful. Timelessness brings peace. We reject disposable design and oppose fashions and trends. We believe in responsible design, producing garden furniture that is incomparable, original and withstands the test of time. It is our responsibility to create products that are unique Calma, bring beloved masterpieces to life and curate new collections by leading designers who inspire us.

Calma is led by a team of multidisciplinary professionals passionate about design and united in their commitment to simplicity , comfort and beauty.

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