Inspired by Caoduro

Caoduro Spa was founded in 1951 and is now run by the third generation of the family. Caoduro Isidoro started in a small laboratory in Vicenza, producing plexiglass components such as signboards, bar display cases, lamps, caravan windows and windshields for cars and boats.

In the late 1950s, Caoduro began production wall telephones, booths for the Italian public company SIP, plexiglass chairs, tables, armchairs for elite furniture and polymethyl methacrylate skylights, increasingly used in industrial buildings. Everything in the new factory in Creazzo, Vicenza.

In 1977 Caoduro started building a new factory in Cavazzale, which in 2008, after several extensions, covered 13,200 m². occupying an area of nearly 30,000 square meters

In 2010, the construction of a computerized warehouse was completed, which now has 16,000 sq m.

In the early 1980s, in cooperation with architect Renzo Piano curved monolithic polycarbonate buildings were realized for the production of IBM Traveling Expo, an American IT giant, which in 1982 showed European computer technology, from the largest machine to the most modern, smallest and fastest possible.

In the years 1989- 1990 in Caoduro, the largest pieces in the world were realized: a thermoformed piece with an area of more than 15 square meters. made of polycarbonate, an extremely durable and self-extinguishing material. Polycarbonate was actually used to cover the San Paolo stadium in Naples, Italy: 45,000 m², Stadio delle Alpi in Turin, some of which in Palermo for the World Cup.

Thanks to the extremely versatile equipment for the thermoforming process produced many projects have been implemented in Caoduro, incl. in Maranello and hundreds of covers for industrial buildings and shopping malls of the most famous brands in Europe, theaters such as La Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, also made of thermal and "smoking" chimneys, first built in Italy Complies with UNI 9494 and CE marking to meet all the requirements of the European standard UNI EN 12101-2 / 2004.

This is possible thanks to the wide representation of agents throughout Italy and many European countries, which makes Caoduro's patented products valuable. In addition, to complete the range of products described above and in response to the new market demands of recent years in terms of energy saving and comfort, Caoduro Spa has developed the following systems: • SIV, Integrated Ventilation System consisting of air diffusion systems, cooling systems, forced ventilation, energy saving "Ecogy" that works thanks to solar energy. Caoduro is also known as the main sponsor of sports activities such as volleyball, ice hockey, water polo and roller hockey. "Mens sana in corpore sano" is the motto of CAODURO taught boys aspiring to win the first team of the International Award "Andrea Palladio" for Young Architects and the International Commission Prize Dedalo & Minosse, this year in its tenth edition.

All these activities and cooperation with the most famous architects and designers is the most modern way to be present at the fair, conquer the market and make Caoduro Spa more and more "not only skylights".

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