Inspired by Capdell

Capdell was born from the tradition of working with natural wood. Imagine, shape…

Over 50 years of compromise with the design culture. Committed to turning this great material into inspiration. For creating comfortable, functional and timeless products.

Designers and architects such as Carlos Tiscar, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Edeestudio, Fiorenzo Dorigo, Fran Silvestre, Francesc Rifé, Gabriel Teixidó, Kazuko Okamoto, Lucy Kurrein, Marcel Sigel, Mario Ruiz, Patrick Norguet, Rafa Ortega, Salvador Martínezba, Vi Vicente Soto and Yonoh played a key role in creating exclusive products for Capdell, tones and textures. Many different lines of chairs, armchairs, sun loungers and tables with aesthetic and functional features to meet every space need.

Capdell chairs have become a benchmark thanks to the use of the latest materials, innovative designs and distinctive contemporary style. Adding new technologies and materials to products to meet people's needs.

As a benchmark in design and to become a skin in the market, Capdell firmly believes in design as part of the unity of people and the environment, relying on professional and a qualified team with a global perspective.

Over 50 years of tradition and international presence are the result of compromise, integrity and a vocation to the service of every person that defines Capdell.

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