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Carminati Sewn Miarę Okna was founded in 1894 as a small carpentry workshop producing wooden articles. Today, after 120 years of history, it is a leading manufacturer of wooden, wood-aluminum and wood-glass windows and doors.

Carminati Tailor-Made Windows operates mainly in the residential and luxury hotel sector, with particular emphasis on cooperation with architectural studios through simulations, technical drawings and construction consultancy.

Over the years, Carminati has designed prestigious projects for brands of highest importance in Italy and abroad, including fashion and luxury hotels, private residences and residences presidential in suggestive locations.

quality of the production process

Every part of the frame is checked upon receipt.

If it does not meet the requirements of the standard, it is stored for preventing it from being introduced into the production process.

The production process is based on a system of co-control and management, which covers all phases of processing.

The last stage p The production process is window inspection with frame inspection.

Each window frame is labeled with order dates and goals to ensure traceability .

Prior to shipment, the window frame is packed and secured with shocks with sponge and protective film.

Each window frame is equipped with nylon straps for easy transport and handling.

Carminati custom-made windows - Warranty

Our windows and doors are covered by the following guarantees:

- Anti-fog guarantee for the inner glass chamber: 10 years guarantee

- Functional guarantee: 10 years guarantee

- Paint durability guarantee: 5 years guarantee

Please note that the above guarantees are valid only if the windows and doors do not exceed the dimensional limits given in the table below.

Certificates and Services

We obtained our certificates from the most prestigious national and European institutes.

Lice all Carminati products bear the CE marking, valid from February 1, 2010.

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