Inspired by Casa Magna

Casa Magna is a Portuguese brand founded in 2017 that produces luxury furniture with a refined and cosmopolitan design. Modern furniture designed and manufactured to suit everyday life, Casa Magna aims to give a new twist to the concept of furniture design. The brand was born out of the need to create luxurious furniture for everyday use, with unique and sophisticated finishes that will bring elegance and sobriety to any living space. All Casa Magna products are carefully handcrafted and marked as a seal of quality. The sophisticated style, rich in detail, allowed the Casa Magna collections to spread all over the world, from Europe through America to Asia, innovation and technology implementation. Moreover, in line with the family tradition, each collection is made to order, specially made by hand, taking into account the specific needs of each client. Thanks to the production to order and the technical support of a dedicated team, each client has the ability to adapt each piece of furniture in every element: from the choice of fabric to the essence of wood or color, metals, in addition to the possibilities of activities or other. Adjust the details to the needs of each project.

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