Inspired by Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana was founded in 1960 in Casalgrande, in the province of Reggio Emilia, and immediately became a company specializing in the production of porcelain stoneware. This is a real vocation that has led to this reality very quickly taking a prominent place in the international panorama of the sector. Casalgrande Padana produces exterior flooring, interior flooring, wall coverings and decorations, as well as pool roofing and facade cladding. The entire production, growing from year to year, is focused on respecting natural resources, environmental protection, assuming social responsibility and always skillfully satisfying the needs of each client in the field of architecture.

The company has always been involved in architectural projects by supporting important events, such as the Grand Prix, an international competition that was established in 1990 and which awards every year works made of material made by Casalgrande Padana, i.e. for Appropriate solutions in porcelain stoneware, the best enriched, they have many possible applications that are in able to unleash the creativity of many architects and designers. The ability to produce ceramics, which we can call evolution, together with the ability to adapt to changes and respond to constant market impulses, makes this company a benchmark in this type of production, entirely Made in Italy, and is dedicated to the marriage of technology, performance and aesthetics.

Indoor, outdoor, pool and wellness flooring and walls Ulivo is a porcelain stoneware imitating wood, ideal for warm and cozy interiors. The rings make it look like real wood, although its nature makes it especially hard and durable. For pools and wellness, Casalgrande offers Padana Elementi, unglazed but glazed porcelain stoneware. A material designed to withstand any type of load, be it physical, mechanical or chemical, it is ideal as a flooring in all swimming pool environments, both indoor and outdoor. Of course, there are large anti-slip surfaces, created by profiling the material itself so that it does not wear out over time, all their lines, different colors and special textures. This porcelain stoneware mosaic is the result of cutting-edge technology that combines technique and aesthetics, creating a play of colors for stylish interiors and for those who want to catch the eye of the decoration.

Casalgrande Padana, 100% Made in Italy, porcelain stoneware Not all companies like Casalgrande Padana can showcase essential products that are now rooted in their DNA, making them recognized around the world. In fact, we are talking primarily about the strong Italian language, due to the production of 100% Made in Italy, which did not take place before many experiments in the company, which led to the creation of new and extremely efficient materials, such as Bios Ceramics®, bioactive ceramics, ecological and a certified product for indoor and outdoor use that has features that allow it to live and be respected in any environment at the same time. They are anti-microbial, self-cleaning ceramics, able to reduce pollution, also suitable for healthcare environments. All this, without forgetting the needs of designers and the creativity of designers. On the other hand, the pursuit of excellence is a real cornerstone that leads the company to monitor every small step of the production process, from careful sorting of raw materials, through storage, grinding the paste, to the production of the tile, to decoration. Each step is performed and monitored by qualified and specialized experts.

Because one of the goals of Casalgrande Padana is to offer customers solutions, not just "simple" products. Its porcelain stoneware consists only of natural raw materials, processed in a closed circuit with a very low environmental impact, but most of all the applications of the products are much greater than those offered by the reference market in general, both in terms of function and style of buildings that can make good use of these products. In addition, the company offers a highly professional consulting service supporting the architect, designer and executors of the building, care for technological processes and assuming civic responsibility at work at such a high level. The use of energy is always oriented towards sustainability, but the really big innovation is the circular economy, which makes it possible to process and reuse everything from waste to treatment to wastewater. In this way, emissions are eliminated thanks to ad hoc installations, while suppliers are also selected according to their environmental policy, heat from the same furnaces, creating a circle of success. Electricity is entirely self-generated, which results in very high energy savings, process rationalization, which we can pay special attention to, caring for the environment and the people who work at Casalgrande Padana.

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