Inspired by Celegon

Celegon Srl is an Italian company specializing in the production of hardware systems for furniture and interior doors.

Thanks to patented technologies on the market for over 40 years, it has been cooperating with leading companies in the furniture industry to develop solutions that optimize space.

Specializing in the development and production of original systems, creates new technological solutions, through partnerships with recognized designers in the industry, to enrich design alternatives in the hands of architects and decorators, and to easily solve accessibility problems and management

In recent years, Celegon has developed, patented and introduced to the market innovative hardware systems with ERGON® and COMPACK residential opening technologies, which have enriched the range of internal openings with better accessibility and use of space, thanks to high reliability technology, expressed, inter alia, Produ applies to all types of interior door finishes.

The quality and reliability of products is a priority for Celegon. The hardware systems have in fact passed the strength tests for 100,000 openings / closings according to the strictest European standards.

ERGON® Living System: Revolutionizes the door concept when opening and closing, reducing dimensions by 50% and creating more accessible interiors, especially for smaller environments, and above all, the needs of disabled people in wheelchairs are met.

Also thanks to the two-way opening ERGON® Living solves the problem of escape routes in public places.

ERGON® technology is now available in the patented ERGON® Living hardware systems (Living ERGON® S40, ERGON® Living TE, ERGON® Living TE Slim and ERGON® Ocean) and in the ERGON® Community door line.

COMPACK living® system: space saving, size reduction Thanks to the consolidated cooperation with Massimo Bonetti Design, Celegon has developed the COMPACK Living® system, an innovative opening solution for internal folding doors.

The mechanism is reliable, easy to use, and thanks to the traditional handle, it allows the door to be folded sideways to the wall (opening 180 °) or in the classic vertical position (opening 90 °) without the use of guides and guides. Movement is smoother, quieter and above all more stable than conventional rail systems.

The COMPACK living® line includes the COMPACK living® 180 ° and COMPACK living® 90 ° series.

Linea community doors: robustness and design Taking into account the needs of the public sector, Celegon has developed Linea Community, a range of doors designed for the community in terms of maximum ergonomics, durability and quality.

Designed for particularly active places (such as such as hospitals, nursing homes, sports centers, offices and crowded places), are designed to allow easy access to a variety of environments and comply with current safety regulations.

Linea Community includes ERGON® Community Doors and NORMAL community doors and sliding doors in the wall.

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