Inspired by Iddo

The aim of IDDO is to promote craftsmanship, traditions and local cultural identity and reclaim them in a modern context. Iddo offers furniture and home accessories made of natural materials that reflect many years of tradition and contemporary lifestyle trends. The most important and unique feature of IDDO is the contrast between the new and the old. IDDO is always looking for forgotten and neglected materials and forms of expression, trying to breathe new life into them and redefine them in new, modern concepts of furniture and a brand of home accessories with an emphasis on metal as the main material. for production, supplemented with concrete, wood, cork, leather, linen and wool. IDDO is a family business run by founder and creative director Leva and her husband Darius, who is responsible for production processes. The first IDDO item produced, which now marks the brand's origins, is a handcrafted concrete bowl that was then imperfect, shy but modest and handcrafted by IDDO's founding father Levy.

IDDO: made in Lithuania IDDO strives to use the most sustainable materials that are a symbol of our planet and nature conservation. Concrete is impregnated with ecological impregnants and wood is oiled. To keep the cork black like dark chocolate, its granules are evaporated with water without any additives. The cork itself has waterproof properties and is considered an environmentally friendly material. It is an antiallergic material and does not emit toxic substances into the environment.

IDDO aesthetics derives from the calm, raw Nordic and Baltic nature with its harsh and wild landscapes. Nevertheless, the stylistic orientation of IDDO is also strongly influenced by modern and urban urban contexts. Lovely wooden huts, the tranquility of endless fields, fresh lakes and rivers, the smell of deep and lush forests, and at the same time concrete, empty cities, gray streets and even grayer industrial buildings - all these elements play an inspiring role in the development of IDDO products. IDDO values quality and values simplicity. Initially, the IDDO collections were created by the same family of founders, but today the company collaborates with innovative local designers and craftsmen.

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