Inspired by Cerim

Cerim is an Italian brand of excellence specializing in the production of porcelain stoneware surfaces for exterior flooring, interior flooring and wall cladding. Thanks to its products, Cerim is the perfect choice when it comes to designing a space that reflects the customer's requirements down to the last detail. The catalog ranges from country or ethnic chic, easy chic and pop to the most linear and classic collections with wood, stone, fabric or concrete textures. Ease of cleaning, impact and abrasion resistance and many other unique properties of this porcelain stoneware covering make Cerim an ideal brand for the residential and hospitality sectors, including hotels, bars, restaurants and swimming pools, as well as commercial areas such as shops. The living and sleeping areas, kitchen and bathroom are the areas that best reflect the unique physical and aesthetic properties of Cerim products. Cerim has since paid particular attention to sustainability and the environment. Cerim not only removed the asbestos present in its factory and created a collection point for all people around the production plant, but was also the first company in the world to obtain UNI EN ISO 50001 certification related to an energy management policy. Materials and people move around the facility using electric vehicles, and work in the workplace is always safe and ethically sustainable. All the water used in the production cycle is recovered, as is waste. The energy is taken directly from the solar panels with an area of 45,000 square meters and supplemented by two combined heat and power plants.

Cerim flooring and floor coverings: porcelain stoneware for interior and exterior use Cerim offers porcelain stoneware for interior and exterior use. For example, Material Stones is a flagship product in the field of outdoor roofing. It consists of a stone imitation glazed porcelain covering, available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes to create a unique atmosphere on a terrace, by the pool or in a patio. Details Wood is ideal as an interior cladding, and its special feature is the ability to faithfully recreate the stunning wood effect, which immediately evokes the "natural" environment in which you can live comfortably. Available in a variety of colors, it fits perfectly with a variety of furniture styles, from minimalist to Scandinavian, raw and charming at the same time. Cerim Hi-Wood also offers a great wood effect, but is specially designed for indoor use, and at a glance you can see the beautiful grain that is typical of the rough wood it is inspired by. Modern, linear and available in a glossy finish (the only Cerim model to have it), this porcelain stoneware floor brings tones of nature to your kitchen or bathroom and is available in a variety of shades of brown and gray.

Cerim, from The birth of the Florim Group, Cerim was founded in Mordano (near Imola) in 1962 and immediately became the benchmark in the production of the ceramics sector in the Faenza region. The first collections focused on the production of white paste facings, although porcelain stoneware appeared fairly quickly and paved the way for current production. In 1990, Cerim became a turning point when it was acquired by the Florim Group, a giant in the design and coating of high-quality surfaces. In the world of this large group consisting of many other companies, Cerim is synonymous with color, liveliness and uniqueness. Its collections fit well into many rooms in the house, and at the same time are unique, decorative and efficient. Thanks to this, it is possible to complement the style of furniture with finishes that reflect the love of beauty. Cerim porcelain tiles are perfect when you want to beautify and enliven a space, also thanks to a wide range of solutions that do not annoy anyone. Today, the brand offers more and more efficient materials in various thicknesses and special finishes, also suitable for commercial spaces. The nuances, reminiscent of marble, concrete and wood, blend naturally into any environment, meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of each application.

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