Inspired by Gansk

Characterized by modern and elegant lines, GANSK is a lighting and furniture brand designed for indoor and outdoor environments. GANSK products are handcrafted in a rigorous process to ensure their quality, and mostly made of glass fiber reinforced resin, an innovative and highly resistant material that, when combined with noble materials such as wood veneers, marble, brass, etc., give everyone gives the product that unique identity and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of decorative environments. The versatility of GANSK is also a strong feature, allowing each customer to adapt their elements to the decoration needs, both in terms of finish, size and even shape.

Responsible and committed team
Established in 1989 and escorted by a team of 35 highly responsible and dedicated professionals, Albino Miranda, Lda. is a company operating in the decorative industry, creating and developing furniture and sculpture. Starting with the Gestos brand, the company made its market debut with a stone composite developed by Albino Miranda for decorative sculptures. Along with its progress, however, new investments come, such as adaptation to unique furniture, combining stone with exotic wood and non-standard finishes.

In 2009, along with the need to take the first steps on the international market, the company undertakes new challenge, presenting its latest brand of Karpa fiberglass furniture, designed for indoor and outdoor use and composed of a wide range of artistic, unique and luxurious products.

It was in 2015, with Karpa, she focused on artistic and unique solutions and the desire to expand into various markets that the company introduced the GANSK brand to serve markets that are looking for something simpler and more elegant, proposing innovative, modern and sophisticated fiberglass furniture.

Albino Miranda, Lda. develops with the ambition to achieve the highest quality in all its products and services, from design and design, to technical support in budgeting, production, finishing and delivery in the most diverse areas of decoration.

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