Inspired by Cobrillo

Cobrillo bases its well-being on warmth, on the wonderful feeling that can envelop our body to bring us relaxation, distraction from problems and thoughts, moments for "us".

Proudly "Made in Italy ”in every respect and component, Cobrillo products are the result of a special combination of high-quality production and artisanal added value of the work of women and men passionate about intimacy, with the help of experienced doctors who understand the needs and secrets of the body and mind , and engineers who can turn ideas into concrete projects.

The pursuit of well-being is now a mantra in everyday life, and today it is becoming more and more, with days full of commitments and a modern lifestyle that needs to be more and more efficient - fur with the simple function of a towel warmer into a useful element in today's dynamics of "climatic houses", a facility that conforms to a logic that is functional, sustainable and efficient at the same time stetic.

Gifted with his own personality that leads dialogues Thanks to coordinated accessories, Cobrillo's warmth becomes the scenographic hero of the environments and architectures in which it is placed.

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