Inspired by Colli Casa

Colli Casa is a mix of furniture with a lively artistic touch, aimed at those who want to give a personal touch to their own interior design ideas.

Colli Casa offers the possibility of endless customization of its elements by combining shapes, colors , materials and textures in an intoxicating and constant whirl of combinations, which are only suggested in the catalog photos, but in fact make the customer the absolute hero of the final composition endlessly.

13 glossy and matte paint colors contained in The set of samples easily harmonizes with the selected material and shade.

The combination of "Mix" fabrics on the seats becomes the starting point for selecting colors for the table or furniture.

Rich and bold shades of varnishes they combine with the imperceptible lightness of glass, while in combination with the grain of precious wood, they become contrasting elements such as Ebony, Walnut or Imbuia / Elephant Leather. This collection was born of the positive energy that overwhelmed us at the beginning of the project of creating tables, chairs, furniture, mirrors, vases and carpets in bright colors.

A collection rich in prestigious Italian craftsmanship.
Colli Casa goes beyond the principles of big industry and focuses its activities on small project productions, using wood from sustainably managed forests and more generally natural materials that do not harm the ecosystem.

Colli The Casa is not based on passing trends, but is rooted in a belief in creating timeless creations that shelter those who return to a place called home every night ...

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