Inspired by Corà

Corà, a century of passion, experience and authentic wood culture, is at the heart of any interior design. In fact, with a history of 100 years and 4 generations, the Corà factory has its roots in Altopiano di Asiago, where Domenico Corà founded the first sawmill in 1919.

Corà Parquet Division, born in 1993, is part of this great family holiday: 100 years of national and international challenges and victories, sharing the same unchanging love for the profession that we have known for years. Everything is included in every Corà project: our knowledge, our experience. Our life.

Corà: The roots of passion

For us, wood is a passion. We know all the qualities of wood, which we try to use in all our works. We know how to turn your floor into an all-natural masterpiece that can live like new every day. And with this knowledge, there are no limits for us: our parquet will fit anywhere, even outdoors.

Corà: the roots of experience

Experience is 100 concentric rings added one after the other in the history of the family with wood in veins. This is our calling: it is something that lives in our hands, not only in our hearts. Therefore, when choosing a Corà Parquet product, you will find our history at every step.

That's why we are so sure: we never sell the best product for us, we help you find the most suitable product for you! The right wood for the home, office, for any environment, the right terrace for the garden, resistant to temperature changes, from sunny summer days to cold and rainy days in winter.

In our Garant collection you will find the right solution for you , from the high-noise HT (High Traffic) varnish, to the HC (High Care) varnish to keep the floor clean and hygienic, to the Rigener, which really regenerates the surface every time without much effort.
< / br> Corà: the roots of innovation

Innovation continues, even in the oldest material known to man. At Corà, we never stop discovering new and endless possibilities of all kinds, giving each one a unique and sophisticated purpose.

You just need to know how to choose it: each project requires a specific type of wooden floor. We were pioneers in the exotic species market and today we can offer an incomparably wide range of products.

We also invest a lot in research to constantly improve the properties of our soil without changing its natural beauty. A perfect example is our new collection: Genesi, a wooden floor with a raw look and special resins that keep it intact and unchanged in the home environment. So you can put whatever you want without hesitation.

At Corà, innovation means, above all, infinite creativity and imagination. Every day we work closely with designers and architects all over the world, creating new collections that follow trends. And we keep testing and testing to make sure every place turns into a masterpiece.

For 2020, Corà is studying and designing a new Pininfarina collection where we discover new possibilities and new finishes to improve the everyday experience .

Your home, from our roots

The roots of our past are still with us. Ultimately, we are our roots which are the essence of our own distinctive style with details that can transform any place in the house.

Choosing Corà Parquet means finding it all in every space and feeling young in front of you. < / p>

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