Inspired by Cridea

Cridea is an Italian company that creates furniture suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, items with transformational abilities that discover and relate to new spaces, people and animals. Furniture with a spirit of discovery that finds new spaces and creates places never before imagined in the climate and at any time of the year, thanks to the closed-cell polyurethane surface, C-coating, which makes the furniture completely waterproof, odorless and resistant to UV radiation . The velvety outer layer, soft and pleasant to the touch, protects the interior made of flexible foam blocks, which make the furniture not only very comfortable, but also extremely resilient, because after adjusting to the body it returns to its original shape.
< / br> Cridea products are fully customizable, adapt to any space and environment, and a wide range of colors makes them even more addictive and fun. Cridea is environmentally friendly and is committed to producing high-quality plastic pieces of furniture, furniture made for life and durability, even if easily recycled.

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