Inspired by Dante - Goods And Bads

Dante - Goods and Bads is a German collective founded in 2012 by Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine. Langreuter is an artist and writer with a degree in fine arts from Munich and philosophy from Vienna. De la Fontaine is an industrial designer with twelve years of experience in the Milan studio of Patricia Urquioli. Today, they are both professors of industrial design at the Stuttgart Academy. The company's goal is to create furniture, objects, lamps and accessories that are practical, useful and efficient, evoking an emotional response in the user through association or aversion, evoking habits, memories and tastes - good, bad, but never ugly. In addition to products designed by Langreuter and de la Fontaine, Dante - Goods and Bads shapes the designs of designers such as Stefan Diez, Andrea Steid, Raquel Pacchini, Garth Roberts, Jakub Zak, Pietro Russo and Christian Haas. Although the brand is based in Neukirchen, Germany, almost all of its products are handcrafted in skilled workshops in Brianza and then distributed around the world - from Australia to Japan, China and Canada. The company's extensive European distribution network started in Germany and expanded to Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Luxembourg.

Inspiration and emotions: a design by Dante - The Goods And BadsEvery Dante - Goods And Bads collection is inspired, led and inspired by a special guest (person, institution or concept) who imbues objects with emotions, habits or memories. “The question we asked ourselves is: what is inspiration really? And where does it come from? " - Christophe de la Fontaine explained to during the presentation of the Silent Associé collection at the Imm Cologne 2018 fair. “For us, the creative process is never just about creating. It also applies to something else. Instead of hiding this approach, we like to emphasize it. "The Admit One Gentleman line, inspired by the gentleman's myth, is the bartender Charles Schuman, who designed the champagne cup and pail. The Parallel Choice range offers phenomenal optical effects inspired by photographer Camille Vivier. guiding the design of each product, Dante - Good And Bads looks for an aspect related to human warmth. The brand's products are created to create a connection; they are closer to talismans - and not simple everyday objects - charged with values such as sense of humor, vanity or passion. this approach creates armchairs, chairs, stools, benches, tables and coffee tables that are distinguished by innovation and boldness, moving between design and art, combining various materials and bold combinations made to perfection. or the Voodoo talisman whose back decorated with tribal signs. The same approach characterizes Dante - Goods and Bads table accessories, mirrors, coat hangers, screens and carpets freed from their practical function to discover an almost narrative dimension.

Design furniture from the Bavarian forest. 2021 Collection by Dante - Goods and Bads To present the 2021 collection, in the absence of the usual April meeting with Milan Design Week, Dante - Goods and Bads envisioned the Fuori Fuori Salone format. The Bavarian Forest Scenic Set was introduced to the world via the Internet through a series of short video clips that revealed the inspiration of each product. The 2021 collection by Dante - Goods and Bads includes a variety of collections. The Serpentine, the brand's first sofa, was designed not as a single piece of furniture, but as a real seating system with different sizes, finishes and constellations. The Bold table and chair are inspired by the typical chromatic and fabric contrasts of sneakers translated into cork, aluminum and leather. Rayons coffee tables change appearance depending on the angle of view from which they are viewed. The Babel bookcase, consisting of five wooden trays separated by thin metal structures, forms separate units that can also be used as coffee tables. The How to See Plants series of vases was produced in collaboration with Rosenthal. The Biscotto bench was inspired by Savoiardo, a typical Piedmontese dessert.

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