Inspired by Dvne

Dvne® is a peraluman aluminum finish with a special texture, developed for interior and exterior cladding.

Made of 3 mm thick anodized aluminum sheets, it has a special surface grain obtained mechanically during cutting. It is this proprietary design that is the secret of Dvne, thanks to which the material in contact with light is enriched with surprising effects.

The quality and intensity of colors and reflections varies depending on the density, direction and properties of the light, as well as viewing angle of the same surface.

The texture is also surprising: the slightly irregular surface gives the impression of warm human matter. An aspect that is constantly changing, in constant interaction with light and from an observational point of view.

Dvne® is a versatile surface for indoor and outdoor use. From decorative office walls, residential spaces, cultural and hospitality spaces to exterior buildings, there is no need to hire an architect or interior designer that Dvne cannot respond to.

Due to its resistance to time and water , Dvne® is particularly suitable for outdoor applications where it can make best use of its ability to interact with constantly changing lighting conditions - both natural and artificial - making the aesthetics of the facade both unique and unique is also used in relation to furnishings .

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