Inspired by Mohebban

A carpet is not only a piece of furniture, but a history of culture passed down from generation to generation, enriched with know-how, skills and sophisticated techniques. The shape of the rugs determines the physical and spiritual dimensions. Carpet weaving tells an ancient story projected onto the modern lifestyle, bringing beauty and exclusivity to the owner's private universe. This responsibility should not be underestimated, and the Mohebban family knows what is expected of them. Mohebban has been producing carpets of the highest quality since the early 1970s

but the company has never lost sight of these core values and the importance of this ancient art form deeply rooted in history. The company's journey began in Iran, the family's home country, and ended in Milan, where the company's headquarters was established more than half a century ago.

has strong ties to Turkey, India and Pakistan, where carpets are now produced. Three generations of the family shared the same international vision

vision embracing tradition, with attention to detail, ancestral gestures, procedures designed for modern life, always focused on the projects and challenges of the evolving dynamics.
Production The contrast between millennial technology and contemporary designs and patterns gives each Mohebban rug a unique aesthetic and deep symbolic meaning. The inherent value of any carpet is never erased from the history of its production. The journey begins with the selection and training of the best carpet weavers and continues with the use of high-quality materials (wool, silk or plant fibers), yarn, dyeing and hand-weaving of carpets, all the way to the final stages of cutting, trimming, washing and drying achieve: Every carpet made thus unique, with a personality and history unlike any other.

Mohebban rugs, often over 200,000 knots per square meter, an obsessive attention to quality and a constant dialogue between tradition, innovation and contemporary design, they harmoniously combine the threads of the past with the present and the future, in perfect balance. internal values.

Collections Mohebbana's collections The collections created by the company are inspired by ancient Persian, Turkish and Moroccan traditions. Contemporary artisan rugs - full of charm and personality - are made by enlivening East Turkestan patterns or geometric Scottish tartans, by inventing abstract decorations, and transforming antique pieces to be re-dyed, cut and re-sewn. A timeless classic that gives a unique accent of class and elegance to any setting.

Mohebban's editions are workshop collections entrusted to the work of independent designers, being the result of unexpected intuition and full of bold experiments. Visible seams as graphic signs, evocation of the past embedded in the textile world, emerging architectural forms, unexpected fringes and bold transformations come together and form an essential part of the language of the editions.

Custom Made In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and multi-faceted, the perfect personalized rug must be a mix of proposals, trends and many inspirations that drive and overlap each other. For these reasons, the Mohebban rug can adapt to the needs and desires of the client, as well as the ingenuity of architects and interior designers, taking the level of uniqueness to a higher, much higher level. Thanks to the purely manual work, each rug is completely different from all the others

but custom-made production brings this process to extreme conditions: each rug is absolutely unique, absolutely "personal" in terms of color, size, pattern, shape and materials used for production - all selected in terms of customer requirements meet. Our own design team ensures that each production stage is exactly as specified by the customer and, if necessary, will suggest the best techniques or materials to achieve the desired effect.

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