Inspired by Carpets CC by Cecilia Setterdahl

CC carpets by Cecilia Setterdahl create unique pieces of art. Cecilia was born and raised in Sweden, but she called several other countries into her home. In 1988 she moved to Switzerland and in 2015 to Dubai, where her brand Carpets CC was born. Since 1987, Cecilia has been exhibiting professionally around the world, including Europe, Asia and the USA, both as a solo artist and as a collective artist. Opening the studio was a natural step and together with four other women they opened Bellevaux 5, Neuchâtel, an art studio where she focused mainly on bold acrylic works on canvas.

Carpets CC was founded in 2013 after an inspiring journey to India, where Cecilia saw beautiful rugs that are handmade. As an artist, Cecilia decided that her geometric paintings would be the perfect pattern for carpets, creating unique pieces of art that adorn floors, not walls.

Stunning bespoke pieces in bold colors and pure geometric shapes are created, and then applied to carpets, which are then produced as part of the Limited Edition range or as special disposables for the exclusive CS range. All rugs are handcrafted from high-quality wool and thread and come in a variety of patterns and sizes.

“My goal is to create something with different geometric shapes to achieve balance and harmony in the image. I like my work to say something, not always obvious, but related to the title that has its own identity! ”

A carpet in a standard 170 x 240 cm size takes about 3 months for a weaver. / br> The colors are hand dyed, washed and dried in the open air. The rug is made of partially combed New Zealand wool which makes it very durable. Each rug can be completed by adding (bamboo silk) and / or natural silk.

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