Inspired by Dakota

Thanks to a wide range of machines, a molding capacity of 10 to 20,000 grams and the use of a wide range of plastics, we produce a wide range of technical articles for the construction industry. Our production includes septic tanks, grates, hatches, anchors, gutters ... just look at the catalog to see the full range of products with their own branding, labels, barcodes and custom packaging.

Dakota was created with the thought of great challenges: we believe that the constant search for new solutions and progress in new production technologies are the key elements to meet them.

Advertising Success and increase in sales volume are the best witnesses of our commitment.

After announcing a leader in the production and sale of construction products in the domestic market, Dakota has decided to open its borders to an international dimension with new offices in Spain, Portugal and Romania.

Dakota strongly believes that the only way to increase its expansion is to build a unique and even stronger structure with continuous investment in both technology and talented human resources.

Innovation, strategy, research and development Development are our values and the keys that provide us with the best results in the industry and offer the best opportunities and solutions for the world of construction.

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