Inspired by Lalabonbon

Quirky and chic, dynamic and lively. Vintage takes center stage again with the Lalabonbon collection. The creative re-edition by designer Cristina Zanni brings a distinctive and modern twist to the original Italian models of the 50s and 60s, combining seductive color rhythms and graphic textures with refined metals and exquisite fabrics. Lalabonbon was born out of a special encounter between contemporary creativity and original furniture models from the 1950s and 1960s, kept in the valuable archives of the Italian production company Cifsa. In love with Italian vintage style, creative designer Cristina Zanni redesigns surfaces and materials, combining an eclectic palette of changing velvets with intense colors and dense tones, with textures ranging from black and white geometries to classic fabrics such as tartan-rich pied de poule , Prince of Wales and Boneless. This combination creates a dynamic and contemporary collection that fascinates and seduces, where each model changes and dresses to suit different environments and styles. Each Lalabonbon product is made entirely in Italy by skilled artisans who revive production and working processes that are no longer used - rejected by new trends - such as processing the pipe to maintain stylistic features, tapered legs from the 1950s are typical these or details of shoes made of copper and brass. Each item is handmade, as are the welds and brushed metallic finishes

which is why each piece is unique. Welding defects and color gradients are traces of manual labor and should be considered as evidence of a production method according to the same manufacturing techniques as in the past. Welcome to the world of lalabon.

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