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Elegant technology created to improve the design in the kitchen while respecting the environment. These are the founding features of Foster, an Italian company founded in 1973 with the development of modern technology for the production of sinks, which, improved by decades of experience, still makes it a leader in Europe and active worldwide, with a commercial offer that In addition to sinks, there are mixers, ovens , hobs and other kitchen appliances. Foster is an integrated organization based in the historic Palazzo Terranova in Brescello, where a commitment was born to provide excellent service, capable of meeting the needs of a market that is increasingly sensitive and mindful of technological evolution and respect for the environment. Today, Foster products are synonymous with quality and reliability, respect for the environment, personalization, elegance and workmanship, they guarantee products with design, and at the same time functional, always unique and innovative, from carefully selected and proposed materials.

From sinks to hobs: the evolution of FosterFoster's specialization has always followed the times and made the company a benchmark in the industry with its renowned elegance and sophisticated design that combines beauty and functionality. The seventies saw the birth of deep-drawing technology and consolidated production with built-in sinks, the development of a modular kitchen and the proliferation of stainless steel sinks. In the 1980s, Foster responded to the fad dictated by the color of the hob with enameled sinks, and in 1984 was ready for the great success of the first convection oven. In the same year, the first Foster functional center was also born, a concentrate of elegance and practicality that provided a 4-burner hob, ventilated electric oven, dishwasher and basket for items.

Just two years later, it was launched on the market. Speciali Inox, making Foster a leading company in Europe in the design and manufacture of worktops with integrated kitchen and sink. At the end of the decade, there was a washbasin with elegant angular shapes combined with functional accessories. The 1990s were marked by the appearance of a wide range of interchangeable accessories, the result of twenty years of great commercial success. Foster creates a personalized preparation zone for the first time, practical built-in solutions for washing and drying dishes, large and spacious bathtubs with worldwide success that turn the sink into a place for washing and preparation and new hobs in terms of function and design

The new century begins with the Rondò collection, which combines a unique and refined design with the compactness of products: the sink, hob and extractor hood have been designed to be elegant and functional in a small space. Over the years, we have created a brilliant steel surface that is easy to clean and scratch resistant. The first decade of 2000 is characterized by the concept of design for everyone, i.e. a product available and useful to everyone, and prestigious cooperation, such as the creation of a line of household appliances with Alessi. Collections are created in a minimalist style and there is a desire to offer professional products with excellent performance and attention to energy savings. Recent years have been associated with the research and development phase of Foster products, which has resulted in a range of plates, sinks and faucets that are the result of experience and professionalism.

Foster product design: awards and distinctions Foster's attitude is a combination of innovation combined with functional design and respect for the environment, which allowed the company to become a leader in the sector without compromising sustainable development and neglecting the environmental impact of its activities. Foster works every day to reduce the impact of energy at every stage of the company, developing high-quality household appliances that offer high efficiency and respect the environment. Foster has been an energy conservation advocate since 2005 and was the first company to use gas burners with high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. In 2008, he joined the WWF Club Imprese per la Natura and is always at the forefront of developing functional products that respect the environment, finishes that give steel a shine, aesthetic elegance and easy cleaning, guaranteeing a long service life. The most prestigious awards include the Compasso D'Oro nomination with the Rondò collection design, the Pulchra "100 most beautiful things in the world" competition, in which an expert jury selects the Foster S4000 stainless steel plate. In 2019, Foster is the hero of the prestigious Milan design competition in the kitchen category, winning an award for functional, original and innovative design thanks to the Milanello sink. AISI 316 Laminar steel worktop receives the Qualitech Technology Award 2020

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