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Élitis is synonymous with elegance, culture and attention to detail. The French company is a leading brand in the production of fabrics, upholstery and wall decorations, whose collections are appreciated all over the world. Success based not only on offering sophisticated textures and motifs, but also on a precise philosophy. In fact, the goal of the founder, Patrice Marraud des Grottes, is to transform each work into a true journey full of poetic and cultural inspiration. To achieve this, the company works with a large team of designers as well as a design team that renews the dictates of the French textile tradition.

Coatings, wallpapers and fabrics Élitis' activities are constantly influenced by ideas from distant and fascinating cultures. This pleasant blend of sensations leads the activity to offering upholstery, curtains and fabrics with a timeless charm. As in the case of Japanese-inspired decorations from the Soleil Levant line or geometric patterns from the Pop line. This series of covers is prized for its evocative 70s-inspired color combinations. Color is also an essential part of the Alcôve cover, which uses the springiness of polyester and the innate finesse of velvet. A sophisticated and technologically advanced product due to its high resistance to fire and light.

The best use of available raw materials is another typical feature of Élitis production. And while the Essences de Bois wallcovering collection is dominated by wood, the Oxydes range goes so far as to use metal, the protagonist of glossy interior cladding adorned with play of colors.

The same desire to explore new ideas and cultures is present in the production of wallpaper. In the Talamone collection, vinyl texture is used to propose floral motifs, but also exquisite alternatives with a fabric effect. On the other hand, the Raffia & Madagascar line takes you to distant worlds where the power of colors is combined with the irregularity of textures, creating a design that is both wild and elegant.

The starting point, however, remains the content. And if, on the one hand, one-color solutions such as Claro are proposed, on the other hand, there is no shortage of floral alternatives in linen, such as Giardino. It is the variety of styles, the willingness to play with shapes and materials that characterize the creative work of Élitis, can go from high-quality Invitation fabric design to the essence of Respiro fabric, linen curtain fabric and cotton, move.

Élitis textiles and fabrics: new manifestations of style For Élitis, upholstery fabric becomes a research tool, a means by which one can dare to discover new manifestations of style. The company challenges the traditional concept of secondary use of wall coverings. Thanks to continuous research and constant attention to new trends, the French brand has managed to create collections open to the world, to differences and comparisons. Each product line is a story in itself. In accordance with the will of the founder Patrice Marraud des Grottes, the Elitis collections are accompanied by suggestions from the sun, sea and the magic of the Greek islands. And the first expression of this magic are the names of the various products. Wonderland, Équateur, Panama, Costa Verde: these and other examples shed light on the operation of an activity that treats each collection as a signature work of art. Textile lines become journeys that inspire and take you to distant worlds for a personal experience that is constantly renewed. Founded in Toulouse in 1988, the company takes its name from the contemporary Greek poet Odysseas Elytīs, a leading figure in surrealism. The choice is not accidental: the French company shares the dreamy and irrational dimensions typical of its literary works, but is accompanied by the solid confidence that comes from technological innovation. The brand is committed to researching new materials, more sustainable and durable, capable of bringing even more uniqueness to the furnishing and upholstery fabrics offered to the public.

The mesmerizing mix of psyche and matter that Élitis offers attracted the audience. Today the company exports its products via Great Britain to over 100 countries, from Argentina to Russia. The proposed wallpapers and wall coverings decorate offices, hotels and restaurants, as well as private homes. True to the vision of its founder, the French brand has gained a leading position with its collections that confuse and at the same time delight world markets.

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