Inspired by Ezpeleta

Ezpeleta is a Spanish company specializing in the production of outdoor furniture.

More than eighty years since our inception, Ezpeleta continues to design and manufacture outdoor play products with the same passion as ever. Its tradition and know-how, passed down from generation to generation, together with the strong innovations introduced by the company in recent years, have made it one of the leading suppliers of outdoor equipment to the contract industry.

Ezpeleta: sustainable design is located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, a strategic site on the border between Galicia and Portugal. There, his in-house team designs and manufactures a wide range of furniture and umbrellas by transforming three main materials: polymers, metals and fabrics, functional, durable, different, modern and ecological spaces.

In recent years, the company has focused on gas injection of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene. Furniture made in this process and made of this material is light, comfortable, durable, resistant, very easy to clean and recycle. For this reason, Ezpeleta continues its commitment to new lines of chairs, tables and loungers based on this material, often using recycled materials, in line with the strong tradition and constant innovation that creates this product. The company's environmental awareness prompted it to develop the Eolo Pureti umbrella, which won the Red Dot Award 2020 and the Horeca New Business Models Award 2020. The fabric of this umbrella contains destructive photocatalytic nanotechnology that helps reduce air pollution we breathe by neutralizing engine fumes and other harmful substances. substances. It is also 100% recyclable in line with our latest sustainability measures.

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