Inspired by Falmec

Falmec is an Italian manufacturer of cooker hoods with a production of over 130,000 units per year, distributed all over the world. Starting from the intuition of the founders, Danil and Maurizio Poser, he has been consolidating his know-how over the years, transforming from a semi-industrial reality into a real industrial reality. Currently, the company produces over 100 models of hoods in over 700 different versions. From steel processing to internal powder coating, from soundproof chambers to the highest-quality material, Falmec hoods represent the state-of-the-art in the industry today. Over the years, prestigious awards have been granted, including the Red Dot Design Award for Prestige and Rialto products. All this is always thanks to the professionalism and quality guaranteed by the production entirely made in Italy (without relocation), with the most modern machinery and employees who ensure their extensive experience in the industry on a daily basis. Distribution is guaranteed not only in Italy, but also in other continents, with a huge presence mainly in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Falmec Hoods Falmec is a leading international company, as evidenced by numerous awards granted brand for the quality of its products. Spazio, the hood from the Circle.Tech collection, won the German Design Award 2020 and the Design Award 2018 with its technical innovations. Its stainless steel construction is well combined with the contemporary and modern design, which improves the effect of activated carbon. In the same line are Dama i Materia, also awarded with the Good Design Award. Hoods that surprise with clean, clean lines and, thanks to their sophisticated aesthetics, seem almost suspended as they are able to use the space in a horizontal sense. Oceano E. Ion has also won the recognition of experts and consumers for its linear design combined with modern ionizing technology.
With Falmec products, it is easy to feel the desire to surprise, play with pre-established imaginations and boundaries. This is Sophie's case. What at first glance looks like a classic pendant lamp turns out to be an activated charcoal island hood with integrated lighting. The round shape is not a simple styling feature, but it guarantees maximum filtering surface for better suction.
There are, however, products with a more formal and traditional style, such as Virgola No-Drop. Made of stainless steel, the model from the Design collection offers a simple, classic aesthetic with a recessed structure and integrated lighting. Plane NRS also shares the same traditional concept, with stainless steel wall construction and activated carbon technology.

Cooker hobs, air purifiers, lamps Falmec's offer does not end with hoods and exhaust systems. Over time, the Italian company has expanded its offer with products that improve the quality of life in the home and work environment. And again, there was also recognition in the international arena. For example, Sintesi was awarded the German Design Award 2019 and the Product Design Award 2018. It is a built-in induction hob with a seemingly simple appearance, but at the same level as the hob, it integrates an innovative suction system, quiet and efficient in consumption. Another success of Falmec is Bellaria. It is a glass table lamp that also acts as an air purifier. The hero of the European Product Design Award, this work of an Italian brand signed with the name of Marco Zito, contains original functional solutions. The air decontamination process is actually confirmed by a light indicator that changes color depending on environmental conditions.

Falmec, from a small company to an industrial reality The story of Falmec begins with the intuition of Danilo and Maurizio Poser. Their activities, initially of a craftsman nature, develop over time, consolidating the increasingly diverse know-how. And with the knowledge gained over time, the company is transforming into a true industrial reality, capable of playing an increasingly important role in a crowded, global competitive context. Currently, Falmec produces over 100 models of hoods, in over 700 different versions.
The goals set by the brand are the result of a vision, strategy and willingness to act boldly. The development of more and more modern technologies is accompanied by typically Italian creativity. This meeting of technology and emotions gives the Falmec collections a significant added value. This, in turn, is due to the non-relocation concept of an enterprise. The entire production process takes place at the company's headquarters, located in the Venice area, to guarantee the quality of each project.
The use of AISI 304 steel therefore confirms the company's willingness to propose itself as a reference point for the production of hoods, hobs and air purifiers. The use of hygienic, easy-to-clean and resistant materials also aims to improve the environmental performance of Falmec's increasingly sustainable products.

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