Inspired by GranitiFiandre

Fiandre, a leading company in the production of high-quality body-colored porcelain stoneware tiles, is present in over 100 countries around the world with a wide range of floor and wall solutions, ranging from contract to wellness and residential, from medicine to the leisure industry to satisfies all building and housing needs.

From the very beginning Fiandre has been strongly motivated to continue its connotation as an innovative company with a high technological content and a future-oriented vision.

Constant attention to environmental issues are the social commitment that characterizes Fiandre in its purpose, thanks to detailed and continuous research to design and manufacture excellent products from cleaner raw materials, the same that bring to life quarry materials such as marble, granite and distressed stone, inspired by top collections Fiandre. The purity of the raw materials combined with the most advanced technology and the continuous study of aesthetic trends and innovative design guarantee long-lasting results: this is Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.

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