Inspired by Finstral

Finstral is an Italian company that has specialized in the production and sale of various types of window profiles for over 50 years, including windows, glass doors, entrance doors and porches. Every Finstral product is manufactured and customized in one of the company's 14 manufacturing facilities, molded to customer specifications and using materials that can provide exceptional insulation and comfort, as well as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Finstral accompanies its customers from product consulting to the production and installation of a window or other desired product. Each window, stained glass window, porch or entrance door has an insulating PVC core, a common feature of all the company's products. Finstral was founded in Auna di Sotto, near Bolzano. Within a few years it has become one of the most important producers of window profiles in Europe. Although today it is still a family business with values in line with quality and sustainability, Finstral has acquired a size that has led to the company having fourteen production plants, as well as the countries where it is present and known, thanks to the cooperation it employs around 1,400 employees. The dimensions of the company are a guarantee for its customers who will always receive a product made to the highest quality standards, delivered on time and correctly installed in Finstral production. Their main asset is the ability to blend seamlessly into any context, almost disappearing but always distinguished by great performances. Fin-slide Classic-line made of aluminum and PVC is an unobtrusive window with sliding doors, handy and durable. Its metallic color fits perfectly into modern interiors, and its sliding doors are elegant and beautiful. There is a possibility of double or triple glazing, depending on the customer's requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Finstral is not only synonymous with PVC and aluminum, but also wood. The Fin-Ligna line is intended for those who believe that wood is the only possible complement to their home decor. This collection combines the warmth of wood with PVC and aluminum insulation of its nucleon, providing excellent protection against cold and bad weather. Easy to clean, available in various colors and with extremely slim profiles. For those looking for elegance and classic taste, the Fin-Ligna Slim line is a window that best meets all expectations. And when a window is not enough, Fin-Project Nova Line Twin is available with built-in blinds or pleats. Completely insulated with PVC and bonded glass, this window is also an eco-friendly product thanks to its participation in ForRes, a material obtained from a mixture of recycled PVC and rice husk, for a pleasant-to-touch surface and excellent performance.

Product design and operation by Finstral There are several key moments in the production of a Finstral product that make each element unique and special. Above all, the R&D department focuses on every element, from design to PVC mixing and glass insulation. Each solution is assessed for performance and design. Profiles are extruded directly on site to always provide the best shapes, colors and materials, continuing with the special embossing and glazing typical of Finstral. Production is not limited to profiles, but continues to produce double glazing (single, double or triple glazing)

Hardened and extremely safe, they are constantly and rigorously tested to ensure that the appropriate insulation and stability requirements are met. Finstral windows are always perfect as the muntin bars are cut to size for both the door and the frame, and the door and glass are combined into a single piece. Only after thorough quality control, the product is ready to be delivered directly to the customer's door, where it will be installed and tested. The installation is certified by the renowned Institute of Window Technology Rosenheim (IFT), which awards certificates only to leading companies. However, the best guarantee that Finstral can offer its customers is a 100% Italian supply chain that covers the steps from project development to after-sales service, with post-installation support as well.

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