Inspired by Mazanli

MAZANLI was founded in 2016 by Suleyman Manzanli. Suleyman searched in vain for a metal bed that combines a minimalist design with a purist style and industrial character. His search was unsuccessful, so he decided to weld his dream bed himself. The "ION - Wanderer" was born.

Suleyman's opinion about his home bed was overwhelming. Initially, friends and family also wanted "such a bed." After the photos were posted on social media, magazines and online blogs in Europe noticed this and reported.

As a result, the first inquiries and orders flowed in from all over the world. There has been collaboration with production companies such as Constantin-Film up, the Paris Opera and the Lobe Block studio building by renowned architect Arno Brandlhuber.

Panta rhei - everything changes and nothing stands still.

The team that developed into the brand moved to an old warehouse in the north of Berlin and has been continuously expanding the range since then, including various custom-made products.

All our products are made with love and craftsmanship, and we attach great importance to ecological sustainable development. That is why most of our products are made of steel. In addition to the endless variety of designs, it offers durability, 100% recyclability, as well as robustness, practicality and sustainability. It is also very important to avoid plastic. That's why we deliver our products from a certain size in made-to-measure and reusable jute bags.

Our logo shows our idea of functionality. Seen from left to right, it shows the bed frame, mattress and you. Parallel lines, proportionality, right angles -

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