Inspired by Form & Refine

Form & Refine is a Danish brand for furniture and design items, founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen, based on a shared vision: to create a value brand that explores materials, the planet and craftsmanship keep a unique design philosophy.

Form & Refine carefully selects natural materials from all over the world and transforms them into laboratories close to their place of origin, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The Damsbo Forest on the island of Funen in Denmark is the source of the unique Danish wood that the company uses: ash, maple and oak. On the other hand, the Alcobaça region in Portugal is the home of the clay for the production of ceramics, also using the ancient processing techniques used in this part of the world.

Form & Refine: excellent materials and local handicraft traditions thanks to aesthetics In order to preserve the craftsmanship and respect the social impact, Form & Refine works together with cooperatives and small factories to build fair and respectful partnerships and small realities as an alpaca farmers' cooperative in supporting Bolivia's highlands. Not only the best materials are selected to ensure the longevity of all products, but also the best craftsmen to turn them into design items. For this reason, the material is processed directly in the country of origin, using the skills and know-how of local experts, and consequently the value and value of these factors is recognized in Form & Refine products and their quality.

Form & Refine pays tribute to the tradition of Scandinavian design, while at the same time setting new standards by processing and refining materials and carefully creating sustainable products that remain interesting and useful for decades. Each product has a story, the design is clear, simple and elegant so that the material can be used as best as possible. The designed object must perform a function and always meet the highest quality standards, and this is the basis for a sustainable design that gains more and more value over the years. The main Form & Refine collection was designed and curated by Herman Studio, which guided the general direction of design and constantly verified the aesthetics and details of objects.

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