Inspired by Forma&Cemento

Forma & Cemento was founded in 2014 by partners with experience in architecture, engineering, yacht building and concrete production. Our mission is to design and manufacture concrete products in such a way that the material, traditionally considered relatively poor, is transformed by craftsmanship into one of the best marbles and the most desirable wood.

The range includes furniture and interior accessories and exterior, as well as floor and wall coatings. The material alone and the craftsmanship of each piece make each item unique.

Customers can further personalize their item with a choice of different colors, and even customize and create their own.

Forma & Cemento creates luxury products that are easily recognizable thanks to the exclusive processing of the material and the passion for looking for lightness and style. Craftsmanship, the use of modern materials and innovative techniques, together with the production entirely "Made in Italy", additionally raise the prestige of Italian design.

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