Inspired by Fuoripista

Fuoripista is the new ELITE brand, launched in collaboration with Adriano Design: it's a different approach to sports activities - hence the name Fuoripista, Italian for "off-piste". The brand is not only sporty but a true lifestyle that aims to bring the values of beauty, elegance and formal simplicity into the consolidated ELITE experience. Fuoripista includes a collection of exclusive creations and "athleisure" that complement the performance ergonomically, acoustically and emotionally: training equipment becomes "experimental" products that fit directly into our daily lives. Their design, functional solutions and high-quality construction materials distinguish them from traditional sports equipment, thanks to which they are an accessory that perfectly matches residential, commercial or hotel interiors. The craftsmanship and processing steps are carried out entirely in Italy, respecting the highest operational standards.

Established in 1979, ELITE is one of the largest players in the world in the market of bottles, water bottle cages, exercise bikes and technology for riding a stationary bike. To date, it is the official equipment supplier for 10 WorldTour teams. ELITE is a company made up of cycling enthusiasts, so each product is carefully developed by an in-house research team to be tested by professional cyclists. Know-how acquired over time has put ELITE at the forefront of the international indoor cycling sector. Economy in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, which describes its development model based on research, innovation and emphasizing teamwork. ELITE has carefully selected its manufacturing partners that implement manual processes and the most advanced technologies, activating effective partnerships that make up the premium supply chain.

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